Bay Song sings literacy songs, environmental songs, and songs that are just plain fun for children. Most of our songs are for kids, but some are for adults, also.

Our new album Children on Parade is now available from CD Baby and from other major distributors. Shelf-ready library packaging and processing is available from Midwest Tapes.

Our album, Library Adventure, is  available from CD Baby, Apple Music, Google Music,  Midwest Tapes, and other major distributers. The album is about the power of literacy in children’s lives.

Click here for Children on Parade Songbook.

Samples of our songs are available on SOUNDCLOUD – “Rachel, Rachel (A Tribute to Rachel Carson), “The Nature Dance,” “Spaceship Earth,” “Grain of Sand” (A Tribute to Pete Seeger)

“Grain of Sand” Lead Sheet

SpaceshipEarthCover copy

Click here for information about Spaceship Earth: Caring for Our Planet.

Click here for Spaceship Earth Songbook.

Our first album, Literacy Songs for Little Ones, is available from Songs for Teaching.


Click here for the Literacy Songs for Little Ones Songbook

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