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John Keenan

About Bay Song


Our newest album, Children on Parade, is now available from CD Baby and from other major distributors. Shelf-ready library packaging and processing is available from Midwest Tapes. Children on Parade was named a Creative Child Magazine BEST CD of the YEAR.

Bay Song’s album, Library Adventure, is available from CD Baby, iTunes, Midwest Tape, and other sources. The album is about the power of literacy in children’s lives.

The CD was selected as a Creative Child Magazine 2018 BEST CD OR THE YEAR!

Bay Song performs environmental and literacy songs for children.  The songs are educational, heartwarming, and fun. Our music is in a variety of styles, including folk, Latin, blues, r&b, country, gospel, and rock. Audience members are invited to sing along.

Our singing duo consists of John Keenan and Jo-Anne Wilson-Keenan. From our home, we hear the wind and waves of Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts. This is why we call our group Bay Song.

Our performances last approximately 30 minutes. We perform free of charge as a community service.

Among our songs are “Spaceship Earth,” “Nature’s Outside Your Door,” “The Butterfly Song,” “Earth Day Celebration,” “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,”  “The Nature Dance,” “Let’s Read A Story,” and “Reading In The Summer,” and “Rover the Reading Dog.” We adjust our song list to the needs of our audience.

A few years ago, we began writing nature curriculum for children’s summer programs. Today, the curriculum is used in over 20 locations in Massachusetts. We integrate literacy, music, math and art into this curriculum. Another key component is getting kids to go outside and experience nature first hand.

As a result of our curriculum work, we began writing nature songs. We also write literacy songs, as well as other songs that are just plain fun for kids. Our songs often embed curriculum content and provide information for parents and caregivers.


About Spaceship Earth: Caring for Our Planet

SpaceshipEarthCover copy

Caring for our planet is of vital concern for everyone. Songs are an enjoyable way to get this message to kids, their families, friends and caregivers. Spaceship Earth includes 17 environmental songs for school age children and for anyone interested in protecting our planet.

The songs encourage young people to think of Earth as a spaceship that needs our care. Young people are reminded to reduce, reuse, and recycle. They learn about habitats, the seasons, life cycles, the web of life, biodiversity, sustainability, watersheds, and the importance of the oceans. They hear about environmental heroes, including Rachel Carson.

All of the performers on the album are from Cape Cod:

  • Vocals: John Keenan, Jo-Anne Wilson-Keenan, Anna McEntee, Arianna Santamaria, Shannon Hart
  • Guitar, Ukelele, Bass, Percussion: John Keenan
  • Piano, bass, and backing tracks: Jack Hart
  • Engineer: Jack Hart
  • Recorded at Sound Production Studios, Mashpee, Massachusetts U.S.A.
  • Produced by Keenan Literacy & Learning


About Literacy Songs for Little Ones

These fourteen literacy songs may be shared by children, their parents, and caregivers. They are fun and engaging for children. They are unique because they contain information about how children learn language and acquire literacy.

The album features Library Adventure and two songs about reading dogs: Readin’ to Rosie and Rover the Reading Dog.


Where to hear our songs

Spaceship Earth is available from CD Baby, iTunes, Google Play, Songs for Teaching, and Amazon. Literacy Songs for Little Ones is available at Songs for Teaching.

Examples of our songs are available at

A YouTube video of The Butterfly Song is available on this web site at

More about Jo-Anne

Jo-Anne Wilson-Keenan, Ed.D. has an undergraduate degree and a Master’s degree from American International College in Springfield, MA. She earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Massachusetts. Jo-Anne has worked as a teacher, college professor, professional development provider, school principal, Director of Reading for Springfield Public Schools in Massachusetts, and literacy consultant for the Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative. She has published numerous journal articles and book chapters. She is the author of From Small Places: Toward the Realization of Literacy as a Human Right (Sense 2015).

More about John

John Keenan received a degree in English from Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts. He has a Master’s Degree in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University, and he has studied computer science and television production. John has worked as a teacher, photographer, golf coach, library media specialist, and webmaster. He has helped Jo-Anne write and revise curricula for the Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative. He now focuses on writing and recording children’s songs.

A few years ago, we began writing a nature curriculum for children’s summer programs. Today, it is used in over 20 locations in Western Massachusetts. We integrate literacy, music, math and art into the curriculum.  Another key component is getting kids to go outside and experience nature first hand.

Next, we did what songwriters do. We wrote songs–nature songs–to go along with the curriculum. We include specific curriculum content in the songs.

Awards and Recognition

2019 BEST CD OF THE YEAR, Children on Parade, Creative Child Magazine

FINALIST,  New England Songwriting Competition 2019, “My Air Guitar”

2018 BEST CD OF THE YEAR, Library Adventure, Creative Child Magazine

SECOND PLACE, New England Songwriting Competition 2017, “Nature’s Outside Your Door”

2014 BEST CD OF THE YEAR, Literacy Songs for Little Ones, Creative Child Magazine

FINALIST, Best Eco Song, “Rachel, Rachel, Guitars in the Classroom and My Hero Project

FINALIST, Northeast Songwriting Competition, The Butterfly Song,” Eventide Arts 2016

Here’s an article about Jo-Anne and John:

Couple Teaches Literacy and Environment through Music