Our singing group, Bay Song, writes, records, and performs literacy songs, environmental songs, and songs that are just plain fun for children and their families. We also sing some songs for adults. Our music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, and other streaming services.

Samples of our songs are available on SOUNDCLOUD – “Rachel, Rachel (A Tribute to Rachel Carson), “The Nature Dance,” “Spaceship Earth,” “Grain of Sand” (A Tribute to Pete Seeger)

“Grain of Sand” Lead Sheet

Our latest children’s album is Talk Read Sing Play. The album is available on 31 streaming sources, including iTunes and Spotify.

Children on Parade is a NAPPA – ALBUM OF THE YEAR.  It is also a Creative Child Magazine BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR.

Children will delight to songs such as “Einstein Squirrel,” “Mac ‘n’ Cheese Overture,” and “My Air Guitar.”

Click here for the Children on Parade Songbook.

Our children’s album, Library Adventure, is about the power of literacy in children’s lives.

Library Adventure is a Creative Child Magazine BEST CD OF THE YEAR!
Library Adventure is just plain fun. Highly recommended.” —Children’s Book Watch

Click here for the booklet Library Adventure Songs and Stories.

SpaceshipEarthCover copy

“Spaceship Earth” is about our planet and what we can do to protect it. The album includes songs for people of all ages.
Click here for Spaceship Earth Songbook.

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